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Members of a local history group some them children of the London blitz tell their stories of living in the lost Borough of Finsbury 

Many families in the town of Thornaby on Tees still grieve but the 1975 bus crash in the Yorkshire Dales has been mainly forgotten by the nation. Relatives, survivors and those directly involved tell this tragic story for the first time.  


Set against impending change, we reflect on the rest 50 years of a model housing estate in Hackney. Why was their community so strong and why is it still  so important as social housing? Residents past and present tell the story.


A post war story of Britain seen through the eyes of 12 children photographed on VE Day 1945.

The inspiring struggle by friends and relatives to preserve the work and studio of Britain's most prolific painter who left 20,000 pieces of work during a lifetime of creativity.


I track down workers from the site of Mrs Thratcher's famous walk in the wilderness and uncover a lost world of skills, togetherness and pride. 



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